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Charity & Philanthropic Work

Carol's, Philanthropic side, led her to establish S.O.S. (The Saving of Souls in the World) to help aid in the world hunger struggle. The Children Of The light Foundation(to help aid in the world children's plight), Images Theater Company, in which she wrote, produced and starred in, the musical, "You Need Somebody," the theme song is on her CD "LOVE FANTASY."

CAROL, wrote and produced, the annual "TOYS OF JOY CELEBRATION," to raise funds, and giveaway toys for needy children, and families at Christmas. Her efforts were recognized on major television stations, radio, and newspapers. Carol, produced and performed, in a song and dance, extravaganza, including 300 children at one of Los Angeles' largest events at the LOS ANGELES EXPO, before a crowd, of over 35,000 people.

Carol Johnson produces variety shows for different charities like "Feed The Hungry" and sends all the proceeds back to the charities to continue helping people. Whether it is feeding, giving toys during Christmas or showing love to the youth to help them stay peaceful in their communities and spread the love. Peace over violence is a very important part of the work Carol involves herself in to continue the message of the brilliant Marvin Gaye: Love.