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Meet Carol Johnson

Often hailed as the love goddess and the female Barry white, Carol Johnson is one of the most talented singer-songwriters of today. She has performed all around the country with an all-girl group, toured with the band of renowned musician, Hugh Masakela, and opened before a stadium of thousands for South Africa's Nelson Mandela's US arrival tour.

Through the years, Carol has performed with and met well-known entertainers, including The Supremes and other Motown singers. She even wined and dined with Reagen for a premiere.

With a solid recording background, singer and songwriter, Carol Johnson, produced the soon to be released CD "LOVE FANTASY," which features original hits such as TWILIGHT LOVE, MR. MYSTIFY, I'M IN A LOVE AFFAIR, to name a few, and I'VE BEEN TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL," inspirationally written, in loving memory of the little girl who was tragically murdered in a Las Vegas Casino ladies restroom.

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Carol hopes to reach millions of hearts around the world to say "The Little Girls Spirit Still Lives To Save The Children." After a very moving performance at Sherrice Iverson funeral, Carol was quoted by both "PEOPLE MAGAZINE", and the "LA TIMES" in saying: "Sherrice Iverson was a queen, a little angel, who was plucked too soon from the tree of life, and we ask why?"

Carol's performance of the hit single, I'VE BEEN TOUCH BY AN ANGEL," was aired on channel 7 news, and other major stations, worldwide. She hopes the song will be a comfort, and healing to anyone who has suffered a similar loss, like Sherrice, or needs to be uplifted by the words, and beat of the song.

There was also a law passed called the Sherrice Iverson Law to protect children on her behalf, and Carol was inspired to write the song in order to save other children.

Carol, performed around the country with an all girl group, toured with renowned musician Hugh Masakela's band, and opened before a stadium of over 100,000 people for South Africa's Nelson Mandela's U.S. arrival tour, which was televised.

Carol is truly among the most talented of songwriters, and recording artists, today! Her newly released CD, "LOVE FANTASY," has hit after hit. Carol has a sultry sound, "The Female Barry White," she's been called, alluring audiences with her charm and million-dollar smile!

My music was inspired by some of the greatest people in the business: Marvin Gaye, Alan Fick, The Jackson Five, Eldridge Cleaver, and The Supremes are just to name a few.I will continue to write music that touches the heart and that encourages love.

A Family of Performers

Carol has a natural stage presence and ability to sing, and she's not the only one in the family. She comes from an artistic and musically inclined family. In fact, her sister was a singer-songwriter and actress and her brother had a magnificent voice similar to that of the great Johnny Mathis.

Carol Johnson Music

Unlike any other R&B artist, Carol Johnson looks to inspire others.
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